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Johnny Raekes joins the Sweets Mob!!

Johnny takes the same BMX tech and puts it into kendama with his creative tricks and passion for levelling up. Johnny has been playing for a while after being introduced to kendama by Reed Stark. Kendama brings the same satisfaction of landing a trick on a bike without the risk, and Johnny has incorporated it into his life. 

This kendama also represents a lot of Johnny's mindfulness in life, love, and the connections we share as humans. Make sure you check out his unboxing video for the meaning behind each part.  


  • Amped Maple ken
  • Sweets logo engravings
  • Johnny Raekes signature on handle
  • Flower of Life on cup edge
  • Be Here Now mantra circle in big cup
  • connected hearts in the base cup
  • Balance Bevel
  • 62mm Beech tama
  • Sticky clear
  • Extra string & replacement bead
  • Unique sticker pack