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The all-new Kris Bosch Legend kendama from Sol Kendamas is here!

Kris has been playing for a long time, which is overly clear from how he handles a kendama. With unique flow and super tech bangers, it's no wonder Sol has placed Kris on a podium as their first Legend status player.

The tama design showcases almost all varients of tracking. Starting with the sun as the top tracking dot, going down to the teal fade to green at the 70% point. Included is the all-important half split with 5mm white pinstripes. finished off with the 30% white bevel giving it the ultimate bevel tracking for endless spikes.

A few words from Kris:
"The Celtic Tree of life Heat stamp is a tribute to my Irish heritage, along with my tattoo I’ve had on my calf since I was 18. It reminds me to keep balance in life and that everything comes around full circle.

The Legend of Bigfoot had a unique role in my childhood, my grandfather helped a known author write a book about Bigfoot. So the Bigfoot heat stamp is to represent that ever-elusive next big trick or idea.
The pawprint is a homage to my dog Bear who was around for the very beginning of my dama journey and accompanied me on my move to Colorado to work for Kendama-Co. The print reminds me of the importance kendama has had in my life, and all the great times it has brought me."'


  • Kris Bosch 1UP Legend Maple kendama
  • Sticky Beech tama
  • Unique engravings
  • 'All-star' base cup bevel for flatter lunars
  • Extra string and bearing