Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts

How long have you been playing?

In around 2010 I’d seen a few rollerbladers playing kendama, one that sticks in my mind is Franky Morales (https://youtu.be/_YIQ5AOt0Xk) I didn’t see a kendama in real life until March 2016. I bought it immediately and it’s been a part of my life ever since.

What's your best kendama memory?

One of my favourite memories of kendama is travel as a whole. Kendama has taken me all over Europe and I’m so happy for the people and places it’s brought me to. 

What’s your favourite trick/what do you wish you were better at?

My favourite tricks generally are stalls but I also love to think outside of the normal realms of tricks, weird grips, using my environment and sometimes just getting ridiculous.

What's your local scene like?

I’m originally from Kent, UK but I now live in The Netherlands. I moved to Leiden specifically because it was already populated with some amazing kendama players.

What is kendama to you?

Kendama is so many different things to me! Socialising, teaching, learning and progressing all whilst having fun.I’ve also used it as a tool learn other things like business, social media, graphic design and video editing.

Who are your biggest influences in kendama?

My biggest influences are Joshua grove, Teodore Fiorina, Ben Herald and Alex Ruisch for the things they bring to the kendama community. All of them are amazing players but also push kendama in different directions which is amazing to see.

Favourite bite?

Beer… just kidding! Some really good bread with some hummus, aioli or tapenade.


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