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Celebrating 10 years of Terra!

Paying homage to the classic purpleheart ken with a white tama that we Terra are well-known for, these kendamas feature a purpleheart/maple X-laminate ken, with a heavy purpleheart sarado. Topped with a painted beechwood tama that includes 10-year engravings, this setup is a heavy-hitter that looks as good as it plays. 


  • Aurum shape
  • Beechwood Tama
  • Maple & Purpleheart Ken
  • Terra X Engravings in Cups
  • Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
  • ベータ-ベータ ("Beta-beta") Sticky paint
  • Extra String and Bearing pack 
  • Terra 10-Year Bandana
  • Premium Terra packaging

This bundle includes a limited edition mid-sized purpleheart Terra Pill.