TIGER Kendama Clip
Kendama Attached to Kendama London E.D.C
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"Delta Alpha Mike Alpha... HQ do you read me!? We need more E.D.C's on the front line ASAP!"

Strap your Kendama to a KENLDN Tactical E.D.C and be ready to take your tricks on any adventure. Fasten your Dama for your next mission or just flex your latest freshies in style.

These dual-purpose Modular Kendama Attachment Rigs not only look amazing, you can also detach your E.D.C and revive any beat bevels back from the dead with the KENLDN Dog-Tag and continue the battle with your stall game.

Attach your Kendamas to your bag, belt loop or just about anything with our military-grade quick release sling hook. 

Whatever spec-ops you have planned, Kendama London Tactical E.D.C’s are a premium standard in Kendama hostlering.

- Mil-Spec Paracord

- Quick-release sling hook

- KENLDN Dog-Tag