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"Delta Alpha Mike Alpha... HQ do you read me!? We need more E.D.C's on the front line ASAP!"

Strap your Kendama to a KENLDN E.D.C and take your tricks on an adventure, or just flex your latest freshies in style.

These Kendama attachment rigs not only look amazing - you can also detach your E.D.C and use the Dog-Tag to revive any beat bevels back from the dead and continue the battle with your stall game.

Attach your Kendamas to your bag, belt loop or just about anything with our military-grade quick release sling hook. 

Whenever & wherever you plan to sesh - Kendama London E.D.C’s are a premium carry standard.


  • Military-spec paracord
  • Quick-release sling hook
  • KENLDN Dog-Tag (bevel tool)
  • Assembled by hand
  • Ration pouch packaging
  • KENLDN stickers