Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama
Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama side
Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama other side
Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama Big cup detail
Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama Balance Bevel
Sweets x LUZUMAKI BOOST Kendama top
Sweets x LUZUMAKI 4th Gen Stickers


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We are proud to present the 4th collaboration with Sweets X LUZUMAKI and our brand new BOOST shape!

Lu's signature spiral artwork stems from his influence of many things; tattoos, ghost stories, anime etc. and has gained great popularity within the Kendama community. Many have seen his meticulous artwork on custom tamas, shoes, skateboards and more, but Sweets felt like we could take it to the next level and actually produce a whole line with custom artwork, kens and of course Lu's signature style.

The LUZUMAKI x SWEETS consists of a maple BOOST Ken with custom wood burned spiral and logo printed in the big cup, premium string w/ a spinner bead. and the maple tama is finished with Prime Sticky Clear.



The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in years. The extreme playability of this new design meant they just had to make other Sweets products in the BOOST shape. The BOOST is pretty much a PRIME on steroids. The cups are slightly bigger, stalls more pronounced, and there is a balance bevel in the bottom cup to make lunars slap with ease. Unlike the original Decade shape, Luzumaki BOOST kens are not made with laminated layers of wood but a solid piece of maple.

BOOST tamas are also slightly larger to help improve play and match the bigger cups.