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The Slushcult Mini Mart is already home to mini skateboards - now it has mini kendamas too!

Dropping in the iconic Slushcult Pink/Orange/Green these kendamas are made to stand out (whenever they are out of your pocket)

Make sure you go check out Slushcult for sick threads, fingerboards, and more!

Sweets Kendamas have completely redesigned their mini kendamas and they're super playable! You can do all the tricks you would normally do with an average-sized kendama, except now it fits in your pocket. Perfect if you are looking for a new challenge, want something different to get your creativity flowing, have smaller hands, or just want to keep a dama in your pocket!


  • Full beechwood 
  • Rubber clear
  • SixFinger string
  • Spinner bead
  • Mini stickers