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Sweets BOOST Radars are fire!

The BOOST Radar is the ultimate kendama in price & playability.

Perfect for pro players, beginners, and everyone in-between. 


The BOOST is the best playing kendama Sweets has ever released, with larger cups more defined stalls and Balance Bevel it's certainly made to slap tricks. The BOOST shape has been available in a variety of models for a while, but all came at a higher price-point. Sweets knew they had to offer this revolutionary design at a price that didn't scare away new players, so the BOOST Radar was born. Available in 6 colours so there is something to match all your mood.

Don't let the price fool you, this kendama still packs a punch. Boost shape, Boost Tama, sticky paint, new stickers, and extras. This is a kendama everyone should be stoked to play.



  • Beech Radar Ken
  • BOOST shape
  • Sweets logo engraving
  • Balance Bevel in the base cup
  • Oversized Beech Tama
  • Prime Sticky Clear
  • Bright colours
  • Amazing Radar tracking around the hole
  • Coloured String to match the Tama
  • Extra string
  • BOOST sticker pack & instructions
  • Collectable puzzle poster