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Clear Coat

The #Stankmod is here! Well overdue but we're super stoked it's finally come to fruition.

Boy do these puppies look crispy. The tama has a slightly sparkly white base with Rasta tracking dots, Rasta scope and a sweet tiger fade stripe. A weight-matched cherry tama and maple ken ensure these are built to slay.

Show your appreciation for Cam, purchase his mod and a percentage of each sale goes to the Stanklord himself!

Available in either Sticky Clear, Cushion Clear and the brand new Sweets Ratio Clear.


  • Cam Herrero Maple BOOST Ken
  • Balance Bevel
  • Custom engravings
  • Skunk printed in the small cup
  • Cherry Tama
  • White sparkly base with tiger rasta fade stripe
  • Sticky Clear | Cushion Clear | Ratio Clear
  • Weight Match Guarantee
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Custom Stickers & replacement string