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The 3rd iteration of the Ozora REShape is now available.

Made by master craftsmen in Yamagata, Japan. These 'JKA' approved Ozoras have been enhanced, refined and improved. The cup shoulders, AKA 'stall points', small cup and tama bevel have all been widened. The base cup hole has also seen an upgrade and now matches the tama bevel.

The ken is crafted from high-quality Japanese Maple while the tama is made from Beechwood and finished with a super playable high-friction matte paint. The hard Maplewood contrasting with the softer Beech is widely considered one of the best combinations in Kendama and breaks in wonderfully.


  • New refined and improved shape
  • Maple ken
  • Beech tama
  • New grippy high-friction matte paint
  • Improved base cup bevel
  • Extra string and bearing
  • Instruction booklet 

These models are recommended by the Japanese Kendama Association. (JKA)