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KROM's new Pro Mod range will blow your mind!

They are calling this Mod "The 1%."

It's the same BL shape that we all know and love from trashing multiple POPs and Beams, but with an increase in size of 1%, and size does matter! This new shape will help you hone in all those next level tricks you've been grinding on for weeks!

Check out the specs!

Ken: The 1%
Lunar Balance hole
LOL Clear sticky coat
Hard maple wood
Mini bearing
Packaging also contains:
Custom stickers, poster & extra string

This particular mod is a piece of Bonz you can own forever. 

2014 World Champ.
2015 Freestyle World Champ.
2017 Freestyle World Champ

#kromproteam #bonzmod

"The spirit of the four players of the KROM PRO Team has been extracted and transferred into each Kendama allowing it to slay harder than anything you’ve ever seen."

So don't sleep on these Pro Mods, everyone is gonna want one!

    *By purchasing this kendama you directly support the pro player of your choice