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From Jake ...

"This kendama is a time machine in both directions. The classic solid red tama is the quintessential kendama design. Bringing this style back brings a wave of inspiration and nostalgia. The beech wood ken is tried and true to the kendamas from the early era. Beech has an amazing break in, locks in stalls, and feels great in the hand. The white string brings it all together for the complete classic package. The red tama is coated in the sticky paint to secure the balance tricks. The ken features a pad printed kendama seal drawn by Jake Wiens. The bottom of the cups feature a printed caliper and Jake Wiens signature. The base cup features a balance hole with the words "Remember the past, Create the future" printed around it. All together this kendama is a tip of the hat to the past players, tricks, designs, and everyone that worked to bring kendama up to where it is today. "


  • Full Beech GT-TJ Jake Wiens edition
  • Sticky red tama
  • Base cup hole for improved balance
  • Collectable GT-TJ dama bag
  • Extra string/bearing
  • GT sticker