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DAO is a small brand in Austria, everything is sourced and produced locally, we highly recommend checking them out. Each and every DAO kendama has been weight matched to ensure the tama and ken weigh as close as possible. 

Patty Melts are a combination of the DAO Originz shape with a thinner coat of Rubbah clear on the tama - giving you increased adjustability which only gets better the more you play. The melted DAO logo pops a fresh contrast against the 70/30 style scope tracking, these are truly a blessing to play with and look great at the same time.


  • Full Austrian Beechwood
  • Local production
  • Traditional size kendama
  • Weight matched
  • Hand-painted tama - 23mm bevel
  • Thinner Rubbah clear
  • 70/30 tracking
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Extra string and bearing
  • DAO stickers and leaflet

tama designed by: @oninodama