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DAO is a small brand in Austria, everything is sourced and produced locally, we highly recommend checking them out. Each and every DAO kendama has been weight matched to ensure the tama and ken weigh as close as possible.

 "Inspiration is everywhere if you look hard enough" - RZA

Built on a fresh Originz ken with grippy Rubbah clear, this signature DAO ken stands out while you slay. It also features a bee holding a kendama and clean contrast tracking, what's not to like?


  • Full Austrian Beechwood
  • Local production
  • Traditional size kendama
  • Weight matched
  • Hand-painted tama - 23mm bevel
  • Grippy Rubbah clear
  • Killah Bee engraving
  • 70/30 tracking
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Extra string and bearing
  • DAO stickers and leaflet

tama designed by: @oninodama