Kendama London Twine - Irie pack


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Extra Long Twine gets that late flip time. 

XL Twine comes no shorter than 35 inches long, so you'll need to adjust the length to your playstyle unless you like pulling up from the floor. String these up at full length and you'll need 3 hands to measure them!

Kendama London Twine is super responsive aftermarket string and weighted perfectly for modern play. Boost your game to the next level and upgrade your Kendama with Twine.

Each pouch contains 6 lengths of Twine cut and sealed in-house at Kendama London, 2 Spin Bearings, a re-stringing tool and a Ken sticker.

  • Bold colours
  • Hand-cut & sealed
  • Super responsive
  • Fray resistant
  • No stretch
  • Perfect weight for modern play
  • 6 lengths of Twine no shorter than 35"
  • Two Spin Bearings
  • Ken sticker
  • Mini drawstring bag
    Kendama London