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George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama 6 waves
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama burn details
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama travel burn
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama travel burn
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama SWKT burn
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama top down
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama bottom cup
George Marshall Pro Boost Tama
George Marshall Pro Boost Kendama boxed


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George Marshalls Pro Kendama is here!

George has been on the Sweets team for years, pushing Kendama forward with unique tricks, amazing videos, and spreading kendama wherever he goes!

"Becoming Pro and designing my own Kendama for the company I’ve loved since day one is quite literally a dream come true.

The overall inspiration for the Kendama is simply drawn from the aesthetics that I’m into at the moment. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to do something super colourful and funky. Almost all of the colours of the Tama are pulled straight from a pair of Vans that I rocked all summer. The yellow is also an ode to the yellow Ozora, one of my all-time favourite Kendamas back in the day.

On the Ken, the six wavy lines represent the 6 years it took me to get to this point. The subtle camera and aeroplane engravings show my love for videography and travel which have become a huge part of my life through Kendama.

SWKT stands for Southwest Kendama Team, a group of friends I was introduced to Kendama with and filmed, travelled and worked with all through high school. They are the reason I still play so I had to make sure to shout them out.

My full name is George Elias Marshall, that’s where “GEM” comes from and the background of the seal is an ode to my first kendama, a Sweets marble Aisuru."

- George Marshall


  • Maple George Marshall Ken
  • BOOST shape - No Balance Bevel
  • Custom engravings
  • Unique QR in the base cup
  • Wavy line pattern on Spike
  • Aeroplane under the small cup
  • Camera under the big cup
  • SWKT on handle stall
  • GEM seal
    • Oversized Maple Tama
    • Sticky Prime Clear
    • Unique wavy design
    • Metal spinner bead
    • Extra string
    • Unique sticker pack



    The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in years. The extreme playability of this new design meant they just had to make other Sweets products in the BOOST shape. The BOOST is pretty much a PRIME on steroids. The cups are slightly bigger, stalls more pronounced.

    BOOST Tamas are slightly larger to match the bigger cups and improve play.